19th PanCare Meeting

The 19th PanCare meeting was held 3 – 5 May 2017 in Lund, hosted by PanCareSurFup Coordinator Lars Hjorth. The meeting covered a range of topics, including psychosocial and socioeconomic issues after childhood cancer, developing recommendations for transitions and updates from the PanCare EU projects PanCareLIFE and PanCareSurFup. Peter Kaatsch (UMC-Mainz) and Julianne Byrne (BOYNE) gave an overview of PanCareLIFE, with updates on data checking, harmonisation and collection from Desiree Grabow (UMC-Mainz), Katerina Kepakova (UHB) and Tomas Kepak (UHB). PanCareLIFE work on fertility guidelines was also presented by Leontien Kremer (AMC).

Attendees of the 19th PanCare Meeting, Lund