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Related publication: Childhood cancer survivors at heightened risk of several autoimmune diseases

The Danish Cancer Society Research Center, project partner in PanCareLIFE, have recently published the first large-scale study of the lifetime risk for autoimmune diseases after childhood cancer, with risk estimates for a broad range of well-defined, medically verified autoimmune diseases. in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (Autoimmune diseases in Adult Life after Childhood Cancer in Scandinavia (ALiCCS) – Ann […]

PanCareLIFE in Pediatrie pro praxi

In December 2015, PanCareLIFE researcher Dr. Jarmila Kruseová from FN Motol in Prague published an article ‘Follow-up of oncologically cured children by general practitioners’ in Pediatrie pro praxi, a Czech medical journal.

5th PanCareLIFE General Assembly Meeting

Members of the PanCareLIFE consortium met in Mainz, Germany at the 5th PanCareLIFE General Assembly Meeting, held 05 – 06 Nov 2015. We discussed the Call for Data and plans for data collection over the coming year during intensive workshop sessions dedicated to fertility impairment, ototoxicity and health-related quality of life. We also heard about progress in the […]

PanCareLIFE in article on cancer survivorship

PanCareLIFE and the PanCare network were highlighted in a recent article in Cancer World, ‘Rerouted, not derailed: resuming a young life after cancer’. PanCareLIFE Coordinator Dr. Peter Kaatsch commented: There is no place for competition in paediatric oncology. We all work in a team. The PanCare network summarises this spirit: cooperation. Dr. Gabriele Calaminus, leader of […]

PanCareLIFE Call for Data Issued

The Call for Data was sent out by the data centre in Mainz on 30 Oct 2015. This represents two years of hard work to agree the processes and final variables for data collection from our many data providers across Europe. Data providers will spend the next year collecting and sending data from over 12,000 […]

Ototoxicity Meeting in Muenster

Researchers from the data centre and ototoxicity study met with the PanCareLIFE scientific management team in Muenster on 20 Oct 2015. We had fruitful discussions about the requirements of the ototoxicity study in PanCareLIFE and learned more about audiograms.  

SIOP 2015 – PanCareLIFE Young Investigators

AMC researcher Anna Font-Gonzalez and EMC researcher Eva Clemens, bothInternational Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) Young Investigators, attended the SIOP 2015 meeting in Cape Town. Anna presented PanCareLIFE at the Young Investigators Educational Day (08 October, below), including an overview of the project and the work done so far on fertility preservation guideline development. It was the […]

PanCare at GPOH

PanCare colleague Prof. Beck, University of Erlangen, gave a talk ‘Das Leben nach einer Krebserkrankung von Kindern und Jugendlichen – deutsche und europäische Erfahrungen (Life After Cancer for Children and Adolescents – German and European Experiences)’ at the annual meeting of DGKJ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kinder und Jugendmedizin)  in Munich, September 2015.

PanCareLIFE in Vox Pediatriae

In September 2015, PanCareLIFE researcher Dr. Jarmila Kruseová from FN Motol in Prague has published an article ‘Late Effects after Treatment of Solid Tumours in Children in Vox Pediatriae, a Czech magazine for pediatricians.