Project News and Updates.

New Publication from University of Bern

PanCareLIFE researchers at the University of Bern have just published a new paper ‘Validation of questionnaire-reported hearing with medical records: A report from the Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivor Study’, funded in part by PanCareLIFE. You can read the full, open access article here.

Mar 2017 PanCareLIFE newsletter now available!

Our second newsletter is now available here.

International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day 2017

SIOP Europe are hosting ‘Development of paediatric cancer medicines – Milestones and the Road Ahead Towards More Life-Saving Innovation’ for International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day 2017. The event is being held Tuesday 7 March 2017 in Brussels. Belgium.

49th SIOP-CCI Congress

You can submit abstracts now for the 49th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology, to be held 12 – 15 Oct 2017 in Washington, DC. The deadline is 28 March 2017.

The SIPO congress coincides with the annual Childhood Cancer International (CCI) Congress.


International Childhood Cancer Day 2017

February 14 is International Childhood Cancer Day, which highlights the need for concerted global actions to address the growing challenge posed by this non-communicable disease.

The ICCD campaign’s ultimate goal and unified message is “Better access to Care for Children & Adolescents with Cancer Everywhere”. The 1800 healthcare professionals from 110 countries who are members of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) and the 187 member organizations of Childhood Cancer International (CCI), the largest non-profit patient support organization for childhood cancer ask everyone to come together in solidarity to make sure children and adolescents everywhere have the chance to survive cancer and live long, productive and meaningful lives.

‘World first’ – baby born from ovary frozen in childhood

We’re delighted to hear that a patient from our UK data provider Dr. Alison Leiper of the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, has given birth after surgeons implanted ovary tissue taken when she was a child.


Moaza Al Matrooshi gave birth to a healthy boy after her fertility was restored using frozen tissue CREDIT: FERGUS WALSH/BBC

The 24-year-old is thought to be the first in the world to have a baby after having an ovary frozen before the onset of puberty.

Moaza Al Matrooshi, who gave birth in London, said the arrival of her baby son was “like a miracle”.

The UK breakthrough will give hope to thousands of other girls who are unable to conceive because their reproductive organs have been damaged by treatment for cancer and other diseases.

14 Dec 2016, The Telegraph, UK


Dr. Alison Leiper, Great Ormond Street Hospital 

PanCare and PanCareSurFup Meetings in Erice

The final General Assembly of PanCareSurFup, PanCare’s first consortium, was held in Erice, Sicily in conjunction with the PanCare meeting to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Erice Statement.

Erice is a stunning village of medieval houses, churches and monasteries perched 700  metres above the Mediterranean on Sicily’s north coast.  The church of San Domenico has been transformed into a state of the art conference venue.  The PanCareSurFup General Assembly meeting took place in the basement conference room.  The consortium were able to take our coffee breaks in the stunning upper floor with a stupendous view.  As part of the closing meeting, PanCareSurFup Coordinator Lars Hjorth was presented with a special Sicilian pottery piece by Riccardo Haupt to recognise Lars’ achievement in keeping the consortium on track for six years. 


Riccardo Haupt presenting Lars Hjorth with Sicilian pottery piece



International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day 2017

You can register now for International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (ICCD 2017), which takes place 07 Mar 2017 in Brussels at the European Parliament.






PanCareLIFE in Drogheda Life

PanCareLIFE was featured in the Drogheda Life after our recent year 3 meeting, held in Drogheda. Ireland.