Educational day at SIOP

PanCareLIFE researcher Anna Font-Gonzalez  (AMC) was awarded a young investigators award last year by the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP) and is now a member of the SIOP Young Investigators committee. Together with the other awardees, Anna has been organising an educational day that will run on the first day (08 Oct) of the 47th SIOP Congress in Cape Town (08 – 11  October 2015).  The educational day will include sessions especially relevant for young investigators, such as lectures on how to publish and present research, implementation of research and expert lunches. The programme will include a session on the guideline development work in PanCareLIFE. You can see the agenda here.

Anna has also had an abstract for a poster presentation accepted for the meeting and will perform a 3 min presentation of her work.

SIOP 2015