PanCareLIFE in article on cancer survivorship

PanCareLIFE and the PanCare network were highlighted in a recent article in Cancer World, ‘Rerouted, not derailed: resuming a young life after cancer’.

PanCareLIFE Coordinator Dr. Peter Kaatsch commented:

There is no place for competition in paediatric oncology. We all work in a team. The PanCare network summarises this spirit: cooperation.

Dr. Gabriele Calaminus, leader of the health-related quality of life research in PanCareLIFE, noted:

The increase in the childhood cancer cure rate has been dramatic over the past twenty years. We now have more children who survive than who die. But what happens to them when they walk out the doors of the ‘Kinderonko’, when they’re finished with their treatments? The price of their recovery remains very high.

Through research into the late effects of cancer treatment PanCareLIFE aims to ensure that survivors of cancer diagnosed before age 25 enjoy the same quality of life and opportunities as their peers who have not had cancer.

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