Project Management

PanCareLIFE is coordinated by Dr. Peter Kaatsch of UMC-Mainz, who leads the Management Team. The Management Team includes representatives from the Boyne Research Institute (Research Manager Dr. Julianne Byrne and Helen Campbell), UMC-Mainz (Dr. Desiree Grabow) and Pintail Limited (Ciaran Clissmann and Administrator Kylie O’Brien). Joshua Janis in UMC-Mainz supports the Management Team. The Management Team oversees the project activities, ensuring the team carry out high-quality research to deliver the planned research programme. In addition to managing the research activities of the consortium, WP8 ensures that all project work is carried out in accordance with European and national Ethics requirements. The Management Team is supported by the Executive Board, comprised of a representative from each work package.

PanCareLIFE Executive Board

(from left Dr. J. Byrne (Research Manager), Mr. C. Clissmann (WP7 leader), Dr. M. van den Heuvel-Eibrink (WP4 leader), Dr. T. Langer (WP5 leader), Dr. G. Calaminus (WP6 leader), Dr. E. van Dulmen-den Broeder (WP3 leader), Dr. P. Kaatsch (Coordinator, WP1 leader) and Dr. L. Kremer (WP2 leader); Missing Dr. A. am Zehnhoff-Dinnesen (Audiological Reference Centre leader))